Created in service of our membership, Portal was designed as a approachable membership portal for our users so we could track membership, advertise events and replace our existing database solution.

  • Fast - built to serve thousands
  • Cheap - minimize costs
  • Open Source - help us improve
  • Cutting Edge - the latest technology


The home page.
A page listing all current events.
Initial data is cached for performance, but becomes dynamic when filtered.
A secure admin panel for our officers to view, filter & edit members & events.
The view of a specific event.
The check-in view.
Organization filtering options. Dynamic semester filtering & event sorting is also available.
The login. Fast form validation, seamless login.
The member profile view; fully editable on both desktop & mobile.
Seamless editing of profiles for users. Full validation available.
Members can check their progress towards becoming full members & view what events they attended.